Planetary Judaism and Beyond:

A Portal to the World-that-is-Coming and Beyond ALL WORLDS

Planetary Judaism is a worldview—a form of planetary/gnostic consciousness for those cosmopolitan beings that have transcended ethnicity, nationalism, and religions and all limiting identities—

The aspiration to recognize reality as reflected in a Perfectly Clear Mirror.


Now Available, New Book by Miles Krassen

Vanishing Path: How to Be While There is Still Time


By contemplating the mystical rhythms of the Hebrew calendar, Krassen challenges us to go beyond optimism and pessimism. Both are dead ends, built on a concept of time that is outmoded. The Vanishing Path before us can still be contemplated if only we reflect on the nature of reality through an enlightened lens that makes time count so we can still Be.


Available Now at Fons Vitae Publishing

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Returning to the Original Hasidic Teachings of the Ba’al Shem Tov 

Coming soon:

The Secret of Non-Duality: Le-Shem Yichud Kudsha Berikh Hu u-Shekhinteh

The Multiversal Constant: Ani YHVH Lo Shaniti

The Secret of I AM: Ani, Ani HU and Anokhi YHVH Elohekha and Ehyeh asher Ehyeh