Isaiah Horowitz: The Generations of Adam

Isaiah Horowitz

Translated, edited and with an introduction by Miles Krassen

The Generations of Adam is a book-length introduction to Isaiah Horowitz’s magnum opus, Sheney Luhot ha-Berit(Tow Tablets of the Law). Here, he brought together his view concerning many of the most important issues addressed by kabbalists since the late twelfth century. These include basic theological questions concerning how G-d can be known, the true nature of the Torah, the divine origins of the human soul, the maing and purpose of life in this world, the nature of the precepts and the power of divine intervention with regard to them, and the ultimate reward of the Messianic Age and the World to Come.

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Uniter of Heaven and Earth: Rabbi Meshullam Feibush Heller of Zbarazh and the Rise of Hasidism in Eastern Galicia

Uniter of Heaven and Earth

Uniter of Heaven and Earth explores an important stage in the development of Hasidism, the eighteenth-century Jewish mystical movement. The author presents a clear and penetrating account of the basis of Hasidic mysticism, clarifying its basic beliefs and contemplative practices. The underlying teachings of Hasidism are elucidated through translations of may authentic Hasidic texts previously unavailable in English.

This book clearly explains Hasidic mysticism’s use of the Kabbalah, discusses the meaning of the Jewish holidays in early Hasidism, and provides an edifying and insightful account of the ethical basis upon which Hasidism’s mystical aspirations depend. What emerges is an essential understanding of the mystical experience and distinctiveness of the Hasidic Zaddiq, and the controversial spiritual practices which he alone could safely employ.

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