Parshat Chayei Sarah


Rabbi Miles Krassen’s drasha on Parshat Chayei Sarah:


  1. Exploring the in and out of the system that leads from our crumbling diseased old manifestations to the now more visible ones , reinstating the divine law on earth. Thanks God for that and thanks God for our ability to support, advise and co-create from within Hah-Shem Presence and changing light. The hosts and the guests , men and angels, fairies and shmelves ( preferably those dancing in the Winkler Rebbe’s courtyard) are wecomed and needed in the new story, a tale of journeying in and out, enjoying teachings, learnings, the dancing and the music too. As a writer and a story teller, a poet and a philosopher, I am all for journeying and talking stories with one or more travelers. To be a writer and a poet is a good profession for times of transition heading to the good country, looking for hosts, legions of hosts, human, angelic, chassidic and musical… among thousands of other things. The power of imagination has no limits and so anytime it aligns herwith the power of an intention to benefit all –and thus honor G-d and his Creation in the mean time– I get to feeel I get one step closer to what Reb Zalman may have been referring to as the essential. A huge field of blessings covering the earth already and i am doing the show and tell performance at this point in time.

    If I may speak from friend to friend to you and Reb Zalman, I’ll add that I am flowing more lightly now, while hoping more than ever to commune, study and teach a bissele of Torah in the living wilderness, with the likes of Reb Nachman, Reb Zalman, Shlomo you and several other friends, the Bobs and the Dylans and the Harrys and the Terrys .

    Dreaming outloud, mitzvot et al, hoping l’ kabel , lovingly , from Source and creatures , and with that manna continue to nurture the streams deploying on Terra, Daughter and Mother

    It’s about noon in California, signing off, Shabbat Shalom,

    Monk in service 😉