Website Usage Policy

We welcome your participation on our website.

Registration and membership to the forum is optional. Visitors to may freely access those parts of our forum that are publicly available.  Signing up for membership of grants access to posting on our public forums, and if you make purchases you will be able to track your purchases through your membership.

To register go here, our registration page.    All we need is your username, name and email. We prefer you use your real name so that those in the discussion will know with whom they are speaking.  We will never share your information with anyone, ever.  Once your registration is approved you will be able to post to the forums.  The first few posts require moderating, to make sure our forums do not become a target for spam, and after the initial moderation you will be able to post freely.  The forums will be monitored to assure that the conversation is respectful, on topic, and not selling or proselytizing.

Forum Etiquette respectfully requests all of our members to remain polite and constructive when posting in our forums. We retain the right to remove any posts made that we deem to be abusive or offensive to ourselves or other members and in extreme cases reserve the right to revoke membership  should a member continue to cause offence after being warned.

The discussion forums on this website have been set up by for the use of members (viewing and posting privileges) and non-members (viewing privileges of public forums). In using them you are required to comply with our Forum Policy:

  • You must keep to the topic of the forum. Posts off-topic may be moved, or copied, to a more suitable board by our team, without reference. Certain forums may be restricted to members or certain groups of members. Please contact us if you think you need another topic board.
  • You are responsible for the messages that you post to ensure that they do not breach copyright. If you infringe copyright, your post will be deleted by our moderators, and you could be locked out from using this forum.
  • cannot be held responsible directly or indirectly for the messages or content posted by others, and by choosing to take moderation action on the breaches of copyright by others is not assuming liability.
  • Advertising services of any kind and linking to boost search ratings, etc., are not allowed and will be removed and you may get banned.

Website and Forum Support Response

All forum questions are replied to as quickly as possible. From time to time it may not be possible to respond immediately and we would ask you to be patient in such cases. Like our users, we also have families, houses, dentist appointments, other jobs, meals and sleep to deal with.

Privacy takes your privacy very seriously.  We will never share your personal information with anyone, ever.