Parsha Commentary

The Torah commentary and teachings in this section are selections from a work-in progress, entitled Az Yashir Moshe (“Moshe’s Song of Life”). This work is written in English in the style of Classical Hasidic commentaries in which the emphasis is on revealing new dimensions and perspectives on life. The comments and teachings are all based on very close and deep reading and contemplation of the original Hebrew text of the Torah. Classic hermeneutic methods of rabbinic exegesis have been utilized in order to discover previously hidden meanings and readings that can be associated with the letters of the Torah. Classic rabbinic sources such as the Mishnah, Gemara, and Midrash, as well as the Zohar, writings from the schools of the Safed Kabbalists, and the major Hasidic works, have been consulted in preparing each parashah. The perspectives and insights in this work include but go beyond the fields of interest addressed in the medieval four level PaRDeS model of exegesis (simple meaning, midrashic, homiletic, and kabbalistic). The intention here is to support the revealing of a higher, more integrative and messianic light from the Primordial Torah itself. This light expresses itself as the single underlying substance revealed within the consciousness of an awakened being as all and everything that exists.

May we all be blessed to receive that light bi-mehera bi-yameynu. Amen.

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